Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday March 31

Elle worked on a project with me, collaging, writing passages, learning to spell, spelled many of her own words, and has started to greatly increase her reading fluency! 
Art day- kids painted pictures and finger painted in the garage (raining)
Justin watched Sid the Science Kid about eating cake every day

Wednesday March 30

Started FIAR with the Story About Ping- talked about where the story takes place, put our story disk on the Yangtze River in China, discussed avoidance of punishment and the consequences of avoiding punishment (Ping is almost eaten for dinner!), talked about how many people live on the river in comparison to the population of the U.S., talked about how long the river is in comparison to how long it takes to drive to Iowa and back, the width of the river in comparison to the Mississippi, eating duck in China, and buoyancy in the water and what helps kids float.
Read The Same Day in March and reviewed each place on the globe and talked about the seasons
Read Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day
Read Thunder Cake
Elle read How Do Apples Grow?

Tuesday March 29

Career day co-op about forensic scientists
Learned about different types of forensics and what they do
Fingerprint activity
Playground time

Friday March 25

Read Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs, Alligators and Crocodiles, and Yum Yum
Learned about the ice age, extinction of dinosaurs, polar ice caps, and survival of alligators and crocodiles
Elle taught her math lesson to Justin
Orlando Science Center

Thursday March 24

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Classes
Conflict Resolution

Wed. March 23

Watched DK DVD about the Human Machine (body and its functions)
Consumer math
Ballet and Bee Bop

Tuesday March 22

Show and Tell co-op at Dr. Phillips Park
Playground time

Monday March 21

Read the Berenstain Bears Bedtime Battle and Joy of Giving
Lesson 6 & 7 Right Start Math
Playground time

Sunday March 20

Went to Melbourne to see the Brevard Zoo!

Saturday March 19

Read the Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need and Lose a Friend, Mommies Say Shhh!, and Bonjour Mr. Satie
Read Kermit's Guide to life, which contained French phrases
Watched part of the Everglades DVD

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday March 18

Field Trip to Our Vital Earth to learn about Vermiculture or Worm Composting
Got to build our own mini worm farm
Elle read How Do Apples Grow?
Pool time

Thursday March 17

Read about St. Patrick and Jamie O'Rourke and the Pooka

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Class:
Meditation and Conflict Resolution

Our cousin came and brought us a new cat to adopt!  She also read Papa Piccolo to the kids and Yum Yum!

Wednesday March 16

Right Start Math Level A Lesson 4 & 5
Playground time
Justin did sorting and matching homework for VPK

Monday March 14

Pulled old plants out and composted material from the garden and planted and watered new ones
Elle worked on Explode the Code Book 2 and Justin worked in his Brain Quest workbook
Elle watched a movie about the Black Plague

Sunday March 13

Watched the Marco Polo DVD
Read You Wouldn't Want to Explore with Marco Polo!
Reviewed the geography of ancient China

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sat. March 12

Visited the Florida School of Holistic Living's Open House
Elle wrote an email to her friend about her birthday party
Library time at the Downtown Branch

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday March 11

Started Right Start Math Level A, Lessons 1-3
Explode the Code book 2
Playground time

Thurs March 10

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Classes

Conflict Resolution

Wed March 9

Read Papa Piccolo and the Berenstain Bears and Dollars and Sense
Talked about the bank, how much money is worth, who is on the nickel and $20 bill, and how money is taken out of the bank
Watched Marco Polo and Pocahontas DVDs
Learned about hospitality and being a guest in others' homes, and studied a four section wall divider from China and end tables shaped like elephants from Vietnam

Friday March 4- Tuesday March 8

Went to 12 parades and enjoyed Mardi Gras and all its traditions!

Wed March 2

Watched Despicable Me and the Aristocats and compared and contrasted both movies with Papa Piccolo's adoption stories.

Tuesday March 1

Visited Whole Foods for Mad Scientist and ended up taking a tour of the store with the floral purchaser.  Tried fresh squeezed orange juice, learned about plants and flowers that the store sells, visited the bulk department, learned about the fish they sell, visited the meat counter and dairy and breads section, and got to sample tangerines!

Monday Feb 28

Elle worked on Explode the Code 2 for phonics
Watched Disney DVD about electricity and tried out the circuit experiment in Switch On, Switch Off