Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday April 29

Field trip to Lake Meadow Naturals farm- learned about chicken farming and raising chicks, picked out our own eggs from the hen house, learned about baby geese and how they are raised, saw a mama cat taking care of her kittens

Thursday April 28

Oakland Nature Preserve

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Classes
Story Writing
Humane Education
Game Strategy

Lake Eola Park

Wednesday April 27

Right Start Math Lessons 15-17
Ballet and Bee Bop

Tuesday April 26

Dr. Phillips Park for co-op craft
Pool time!

Monday April 25

Explode the Code Lesson 9
Library time
Splash Park

Saturday April 23

Science Center
Grandparents arrive!

Friday April 22

Earth Day
Explode the Code Lesson 8

Thursday April 21

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Classes
Story Writing
Humane Education
Game Strategy

Wed. April 20

Right Start Math Lessons 12-14
Ballet and Bee Bop

Tues April 19

George Bailey Park for co-op craft

Monday April 18

Field trip to Red Hill Groves to see how oranges are sorted, cleaned, sold, and made into juice.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday April 17

Finished FIAR with The Story About Ping- discussed viewpoint in art, unity of theme, the Yangstze river and how it gets its yellow color, water safety, classic stories and how long ago the book was written, and how to draw an object to show it is under water
Read Amelia Bedelia and the Cat, County Insights: China, Richard Scarry's The Best Mistake Ever, and There's a Dolphin in the Grand Canal
Talked about wasps versus bees and how they sting

Friday April 15

Field trip to ONP
Learned about where we are in relation to the universe, planet, continent, state and city
Got to hold turtles!
Nature walk down the boardwalk

Thursday April 14

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Classes
Story Writing
Humane Education
Chess Strategy

Wednesday April 13

Right Start Math Lessons 10 and 11- taught Justin tallying
Justin built a boat with the Little Labs kit
Ballet and Bee Bop

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday April 11

Read How Mama Brought the Spring and Curious George Goes to a Costume Party
Elle worked on Explode the Code Book 2 Lesson 8
Justin started baseball

Sunday April 10

FIAR with the Story About Ping- discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction, repetition as a device to start and end a story, ways to illustrate water and reflections in the water, the difference between ripple and wavy lines to show motion, the use of bubbles to show underwater scenes, discernment and what ducks should and should not eat, and Chinese culture
Read the Legend of the Chinese Dragon, The Magic Pillow, the Berenstain bears Do Their Best, Picnic, and We Like Kites

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday April 9

FIAR with The Story About Ping- discussed discernment and how to know if something looks better than it really is, like taking candy from strangers, talked about traditional Chinese dress, Chinese boats and compared them to houseboats along the Mississippi River, eating duck for dinner, and the medium used to illustrate the book
Read The Cloud Book, Thunder Cake, and Weather Words and What They Mean and learned the different types of clouds and about changing weather patterns
Visited Lake Meadow Naturals farm
Discussed the purpose of wasps- what they do and how they contribute to nature by breaking down and eating old wood and re-creating their nests with "paper"

Friday April 8

Explode the Code Book 2 Lesson 7

Thursday April 7

Downtown Homeschool Enrichment Classes

Wednesday April 6

Ballet and Bee bop

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday April 5

Explode the Code Book 2 Lesson 7

Monday March 4

Elle did Explode the Code book 2 Lesson 6
Right Start Math book 1 lesson 8 & 9
Read The Boy Who Painted Dragons, The Girl Who Drew a Phoenix, How Mama Brought in the Spring, Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job, and I am NOT Going to Get Up Today!

Sunday April 3

Read Arthur's Baby, Berenstain Bears and Computer Trouble, Lend a Helping Hand, God Loves You, and Out West
Elle read Berenstain Bears Ride the Thunderbolt
Elle wrote text messages to family!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday April 1

Consumer math
Playground time
Library time

Thursday March 31

Elle worked on a project with me, collaging, writing passages, learning to spell, spelled many of her own words, and has started to greatly increase her reading fluency! 
Art day- kids painted pictures and finger painted in the garage (raining)
Justin watched Sid the Science Kid about eating cake every day

Wed March 30

Started FIAR with the Story About Ping- talked about where the story takes place, put our story disk on the Yangtze River in China, discussed avoidance of punishment and the consequences of avoiding punishment (Ping is almost eaten for dinner!), talked about how many people live on the river in comparison to the population of the U.S., talked about how long the river is in comparison to how long it takes to drive to Iowa and back, the width of the river in comparison to the Mississippi, eating duck in China, and buoyancy in the water and what helps kids float.
Read The Same Day in March and reviewed each place on the globe and talked about the seasons
Read Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day
Read the Usborne Science Encyclopedia and learned about Pangea, continental drift, how they got where they are today, went over a historical time line, talked about the ice age, dinosaurs and mass extinction, and how long humans have been on the Earth
Read Thunder Cake
Elle read How Do Apples Grow?

Tuesday March 29

Career day co-op about forensic scientists
Learned about different types of forensics and what they do
Fingerprint activity
Playground time